Bolts Explained

Bolts Explained

The simple bolt provides added security throughout the home.

Our large collection is suitable for various applications and our bolts are available in several different sizes, styles, and finishes. With so much choice we often get asked the difference between them, so this quick guide to the bolts in our range should help.

Doors & Windows

Bolts can be used on both doors and windows and are particularly useful on windows that don’t have a locking window fastener.

Above Left - A Pewter Patina Cranked Fishtail Bolt, Above Right- Pewter Patina Cranked Knob Bolts.


Horizontal & Vertical Use

Our bolts can be fitted horizontally and vertically due to the strong spring mechanism that is incorporated into them.

Above Left - Black Straight Fishtail Bolt, Above Right - Pewter Patina Straight Fishtail Bolt.


Straight or Cranked Bolt ?

Straight Bolts are for inward opening doors and windows. Designed to fit onto a flush frame, they have a straight shank that slides into a receiver bridge.

Above - Pewter Patina Straight Fishtail Bolt.

Above - Black Straight Fishtail Bolt

Cranked Bolts are for outward opening doors and windows. Designed for use on a recessed frame, they have a stepped shaft that fits into a receiver plate.

Above - Pewter Patina Cranked Knob Bolts.

Above - A Pewter Patina Cranked Fishtail Bolt

Above - Black Cranked Knob Bolts.


Our Universal Bolts are suitable for use on both inward and outward opening doors and windows. They are supplied with an angled keep, receiver bridge and receiver plate. The receiver bridge is used for inward opening doors, whereas either a receiver plate or angle keep is used for outward opening doors depending on the frame or architrave surrounding the door.


Other Bolt Styles ...


French Bolts are for use in high reach areas. They have a long-cranked handle for ease of use and can be used on inward or outward opening doors due to a variety of keeps supplied with the product.


Flush Bolts are morticed into the door to conceal the mechanism and can be used on a sliding/folding door system.


Cremone Bolts are traditionally used on French doors and offer a decorative face fixed alternative to a multipoint lock. They lock by way of grub screw in the body and can be paired with an external knob if use from both sides of the door is required.


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