Characterful & Secure

Characterful & Secure

When restoring an old building, preserving its original charm and character can sometimes be compromised by modern practicalities.

Our collection of traditional door and window ironmongery is suitable for a wide range of modern lock types. However, if a completely authentic look is desired then here are three simple suggestions for ways to add extra security and privacy to our more traditional product types …


Number 1 - Use Bolts. 

We offer a collection of cranked, straight and universal bolts for use on non-locking inward or outward opening windows or doors.


See our Full Range of Bolts Here ...


Number 2 - Fit Locking Stay Pins on windows that have non-locking fasteners.

Some of our most authentic window fasteners are non-locking. If these fasteners have been fitted to windows that you would like to make more secure, then using a locking stay pin is a great option.

The Locking Stay Pin is suitable for use with any of our Window Stays and can also be locked in the night vented position.  


See Locking Stay Pins Here ...


Number 3 - Add a Locking Staple Pin to your Thumblatch. 

If you have a house full of gorgeous ledge and brace doors but would like a bit of privacy in the bathroom or downstairs loo, then a locking staple pin is the answer.

Locking Staple Pins are supplied with a leather thong that has a metal pin attached. The pin stops the door being opened from the outside by restricting the movement of the latch bar, hence preventing any embarrassing moments.


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