Expert Kitchen Advice From Harrison & Pope

Expert Kitchen Advice From Harrison & Pope

We spoke to Harrison & Pope, a kitchen manufacturer from Herefordshire, specialising in creating unique, practical and bespoke kitchen workspaces.




Q: As we enter another year, what are your predictions for kitchen designs and trends for 2022?

A: Simplicity in design with Shaker style still at the top. Natural colours. Shelving not wall cabinets. Light coloured veined granite worksurfaces. Wooden distressed flooring.

Also, the opening up of rooms to integrate the kitchen, dining and relaxing zones, creating a busy and central hub to the house.

Q: What’s the first thing you would recommend if a client would like to redo their kitchen?

A: Discussing their plans fully with a professional before any work starts to avoid any costly mistakes.


Q: What inspires you?

A: Natures landscapes, flora and fauna with all its glorious shapes and colours.


Q: What is your favourite design trend?

A: A kitchen cabinet that offers a complete hidden workspace, with sockets for appliances, granite worktop and lights. It could be utilised as a breakfast making area, a cook’s prep space or even a drinks cabinet.


Q: What style of kitchen was the most popular in 2021?

A: As always, the simple Shaker style. It’s the colours and handles that change and have trends. Last year it was greyish creams for main runs with the freestanding pieces in contrasting intense bold colours.

Q: What is your favourite Anvil product and finish, why?

A: We love the brackets as they look so good with our wooden painted shelves.



Q: How important would you say lighting is within a kitchen and why?

A: Lighting is crucial. With simple unassuming spots on busy work areas and glorious pendants above tables and islands, the choice these days is so exciting. Also, we highly recommend the dimmer switch, which creates the right vibe for the right time.

Q: What’s your favourite project that you have worked on and why?

A: Funnily enough one of the smallest kitchens we have ever made. Fitted in a beautiful Welsh stone cottage that overlooked the Cambrian Mountains. It had to have absolutely everything in it, including a tiny seating area for one stool. That was a design challenge indeed.  


If you would like expand on your kitchen inspiration and explore the Harrison & Pope range further, please see the links below for their website and instagram.


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