Behind The Design - Gothic Collection

Behind The Design - Gothic Collection

The inspiration behind our Gothic Collection.

Much of our ironmongery is inspired by the architectural periods of the past. In this post we look at the ethereal Gothic era, the inspiration behind our much-loved Gothic Lever Handles.



'Our collection of Gothic ironmongery is characterised by the pointed arch, a shape that is synonymous with the era.'


Above - A Pewter Patina Gothic Lever Lock Set



The Gothic style evolved from Romanesque architecture and came to prominence across Britain and Europe during the late Medieval period. 

A reflection of sophistication and power, Gothic design flourished with the construction of opulent and imposing buildings such as cathedrals, castles, and palaces, all adorned in abundance with ribbed vaults, clustered columns and pointed arches.



Lincoln, Wells and York Cathedrals are all fine examples of Gothic architecture, but Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey were perhaps the most important Gothic buildings of the time.



The drama and grandeur of such buildings is reflected in our range of Gothic Lever Handles. The lever’s silhouette perfectly mirrors that of a Gothic doorway and like the pointed arch, has been created for both functional and decorative purposes.



Gothic Revival

Nineteenth Century Britain saw the growth of Gothic Revival. During this period, Gothic architecture was no longer assigned only to the construction of cathedrals and palaces. It was now also being used to create buildings on a smaller scale. Highly decorative details were added to domestic buildings. This quirky, whimsical design is perhaps what made Gothic style spooky.



'Whether you live in a castle or a cottage, we feel that our collection of ironmongery provides the perfect injection of illustrious Gothic style.'



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