Pendant Lighting Inspiration

Pendant Lighting Inspiration

Our pendants reference Britain’s great industrial heritage and use colour to celebrate contemporary design. They are hand spun from solid brass or steel & either highly polished, burnished or finished in copper or nickel. Each light is made to order, and we are more than happy to create bespoke colours and finishes if desired.

Above - Smooth Brass Harborne Pendant.

With three distinctive shapes in several different finishes, our lights can be used to transform an array of spaces.

Our lighting works well over kitchen islands (why not use our bespoke service to match the colour of your kitchen cabinets or to choose a contrasting tone). You could hang one of our larger pendants in a hallway to create a statement or use our pendants to create mood lighting over a dining table. Alternatively, try grouping different shapes at varying heights to create a feature in any room of the house.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite pendants for inspiration. We hope that you will be inspired and illuminated by our unique lighting range.


Above Left - Burnished Harborne Pendant, Above Right- Hammered Brass Brindley Pendant.


Our Metallic Collection includes highly polished brass, shimmering hammered copper and sleek nickel. All pendants are available in an entirely metal finish or can be coloured in complementary greys if a more contemporary look is desired. Our polished brass pendants create a luxury look. The hammered copper finish achieves a warm dappled light and our sleek nickel pendants create beautifully unexpected reflections. Our distinctive burnished pendants are burnished by hand making each light completely unique. The burnishing technique creates a distinct swirling pattern and reveals beautiful layers of deep colour and texture within the copper, which when lit, creates a translucent feel.

Above - Smooth Brass Brindley Pendants.


Above - Dark Grey Hammered Copper Hockley Pendants.


ABOVE - Black Hammered Copper Brindley Pendants.


Above Left - Smooth Nickel Brindley Pendant, Above Right - Light Grey Smooth Brass Hockley pendant.


Above - Dark Grey Hammered Brass Harborne Pendant.


Above - Black Hammered Copper Brindley Pendants.



Our Accent Collection includes subtle pastel and neutral colours in a delightfully matt finish. All our pastel pendants have a glossy white interior that bounces light and are completed with a copper rim. They are perfect for introducing a subtle accent colour in any room. Our full colour pendants are available in a selection of neutral shades and the completely matt finish creates a contemporary feel.

Above Left - Sage Green & White Brindley Pendant, Above Right - Light Grey Full Colour Hockley Pendant.


Above - Oatmeal & White Hockley Pendant.

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