Polished Nickel vs Polished Chrome

Polished Nickel vs Polished Chrome

What's the Difference Between Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome?

We often get asked the difference between our Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome finishes. In short, the difference is slight. Both are high quality platings applied to a base material of solid brass. Both finishes can be used externally and require the same care and maintenance procedures.   

The main difference is highlighted below;

Polished Nickel Newbury lever handle on a clear, perspex box. with a Polished Chrome Newbury lever handle underneath,

Above: Polished Chrome Newbury Lever Latch Set and Polished Nickel Newbury Lever Latch Set.


Polished Nickel (top lever) has a warmer, yellowy tone, often likened to traditional sterling silver, whilst Polished Chrome (bottom lever) has a cooler, blueish shine. Therefore, Polished Nickel tends to work best in classic, period properties and Polished Chrome looks great in more contemporary settings. But these rules are by no means set in stone, the difference is slight, so the choice is up to you!


Polished Chrome ironmongery (Traditional Letter Plate, Art Deco Centre Door Knob, & Art Deco Door Knocker) on a black timber door.

Above: Polished Nickel front door suite including a Traditional Letterbox, Art Deco Centre Door Knob, and Slimline Art Deco Door Knocker.


Polished Chrome Ring Door Knocker on a cornflower blue wooden door.

Above: Polished Chrome Ring Door Knocker.


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