Care & Maintenance

Our specialist finishes have been carefully developed and refined over many years and most are completely unique to us.  We are proud to offer a wide variety of hand-applied, high-quality finishes that give our customers choice. 

General Maintenance & Warnings

Our products have excellent anti-corrosive properties if maintained to specific requirements for each finish and will last many years if given just a little regular care.  To help you maintain your chosen finish, we have included a specific maintenance and care guide tailored to each finish within our range, this will ensure your products last for many years to come!
We do not recommend using our products externally in coastal areas due to the high levels of atmospheric salt, as this will rust or tarnish most finishes. Only certain grades of stainless steel will not rust in these environments and therefore our products cannot be guaranteed for such use.   
Please make sure any newly plastered or painted rooms are fully cured before fitting your ironmongery, as moisture may tarnish or rust some finishes.
When painting, staining or plastering we recommend that all ironmongery is removed before proceeding and that rooms are left to fully cure before your ironmongery is fitted.   Please avoid using any form of chemical cleaner, e.g. oxalic acid or aerosol sprays to clean products, as this can permanently damage any finish.

Fixing Screws

The fixings supplied with our products are hand-made from mild steel or stainless steel.  Due to the hand-made nature of our fixings, a little extra care needs to be taken when fitting. 
It is always recommended that a pilot hole is drilled (especially into hard woods) for all our fixings.  Ideally it is suggested that screws are rubbed with candlewax before fitting to ease the application.  Please take the utmost care when fixing our screws, as many of our products are supplied with traditionally slotted screws.  
We recommend that along with drilling a pilot hole, a well-fitting screwdriver should be used.  Please avoid fixing by way of an impact driver or drill operated screwdriver, due to the hand-made nature of the fixings. 
All of our screws can be purchased in quantities of 25 to replace lost or damaged screws, please see our ‘Accessories’ section for further details.  A number of our screw options are also available in raised-head and countersunk stainless steel if preferred.
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