Frequently Asked Questions

We try to provide you with as much  product, finish technical and maintenance advice as we can through our website but sometimes there maybe something else you need to find an answer to so if you have exhausted all of our how to videos and fitting guides take a look below for a F.A.Q. section.   If you are still struggling to find an answer then please get in touch with the button below.

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General Questions
How do I find the product I am looking for?
Enter a code or term in the search bar.
How can I buy a genuine From The Anvil product?
Enter your postcode in our 'Find A Stockist' page or view the list of trusted online retailers.
Is there anyway I can see a product before I buy?
We have retailers all over the country with most having products on display. Search for a retailer at 'How To Buy'.
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How To Buy
How do I find the product I am looking for?
Enter a code or term in the search bar.
How can I buy a genuine From The Anvil product?
Enter your postcode in our 'Find A Stockist' page or view the list of trusted online retailers.
Is there anyway I can see a product before I buy?
We have retailers all over the country with most having products on display. Search for a retailer at 'How To Buy'.
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Finishes & Care
What are the different types of finishes available?
We have over 20 finishes. See the finish pages for more info.
Can all the finishes be used externally?
No is the simple answer. Some finishes should never be used externally
Are there any restrictions to using products?
Yes. Don't fit in newly plastered or painted rooms.
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Lever Handles
What is a Lever on Rose handle?
This lever can be used in many combinations (see the full answer for details).
What is a Lever Lock handle?
Used on doors which need to be locked.
What is a Lever Latch handle?
Usually used on internal doors which just need to be closed and not locked.
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Door Knobs
What’s the difference between Rim knobs and Mortice knobs?
Rim knobs have loose roses which can be removed. Mortice knobs have fixed roses which cannot be removed.
Are the door knobs you supply sprung or unsprung?
All our knobs are unsprung
I have a really thick door will the knobs fit ok?
We supply either two or one larger spindle to pass through the door. Longer spindles can be ordered.
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Latches & Turns
There are different types of latches, which do I need?
It depends on the job required. Thumblatches or Suffolk Latches are used for internal plank doors. Cottage latches are usually used on gates & have a ring turn on one side and Privacy Latches are used when only access from one side of the door is required (cupboards etc.).
Which thumblatch should I choose for my door?
Choose a style then choose the one that will work with your thickness of door (see door thickness in individual product details for confirmation).
What are all the parts of the thumblatch set and what do they do?
See our guides on advice section for full details.
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What type of hinge should I choose for my door?
Depends on the job. Butt hinges for solid doors, t hinges for plank doors, parliament hinges if you need to throw the door away from the frame when you open it. Also butterfly hinges for cabinets and H hinges for doors/shutters and HL hinges for the same but when you need extra strength. Stormrpoof hinges to help weatherproofing and friction hinges on modern timber/aluminium/upvc windows.
What size of hinge should I choose for my door?
Depends on the job. Standard solid doors can use 3" butt hinges or if heavier door then 4". Plank doors traditionally had straps going 2/3rds across the door but as long as they cover half way it will work.
How many hinges do I need for my door?
Usually a pair of any hinge will suffice but depends on type/weight of door. If any issues a third hinge can be fitted.
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Door Knockers
What is the difference between surface fixing or bolt-through fixing?
Surface fixed will be screwed to the face of your door & bolt-through will have to be drilled through to be fixed on the inside of your door.
It comes with a strike plate, what is this?
It is used to strike the knocker onto and to protect the door.
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Letterplates & Covers
Will the letterplates fit the hole in my existing door?
Check the overall size covers your existing hole with enough room for the fixing centres and make sure the opening size will work with the hole.
How will they look on the inside of my door?
Depending on how it is fitted you may see the fixings and certainly will see the back of the opening flap & spring. Can be covered with letterplate cover.
What thickness of door can the letterplates be fitted to?
Letterplates allow for a max of 74mm with blacksmith finishes and 65mm with our period finishes.
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Escutcheons, Pulls & Thumbturns
What is an escutcheon and when do I need one?
It covers the unsightly hole in your door.
What is a cylinder or door pull used for?
To fit around a rim cylinder or euro cylinder & allow you to pull the door closed.
What are thumbturns and when would I use one?
Thumbturns are used to operate a lock in your bathroom door.
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Security & Protection
What sort of security measures should I use on my external doors?
For insurance purposes you must use at least a BS 5 lever lock on your front and back doors.
Can I add extra security measures to give me peace of mind?
You can add bolts, chains, viewers and deadlocks to any door to provide extra security.
Do I need to have any security on my internal doors?
Only for certain doors around the home like bathrooms which you can use a thumbturn and lock/deadbolt combination.
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Window Handles & Stays
Which type of window handle should I be using?
Casement windows use standard or locking fasteners & windows with locks inside use espagnolette handles.
How do locking and non-locking fasteners work?
They are surface fixed and have a small grub screw underneath the handle, once tightened the handle will not move.
Why are some handles left or right handed and how do I choose the correct one?
When viewing a window from the inside, if your handle opens clockwise away from the frame, choose a ‘Left Hand’ and if your handle opens anti-clockwise away from the frame, choose a ‘Right Hand’.
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Sash Window Furniture
Is there a way to lock my sash windows as they are on the ground floor of my property?
Yes. Use one of our sash fasteners as they have a lock built in.
What do you recommend for opening sash windows?
A sash pull handle or a sash lifts. One or two per sash.
Can I restrict how far my sash opens to stop children being able to climb out of upstairs windows?
You need to fit secure stops or flush stops.
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I need to get better ventilation in a certain room, what do I need?
You would need to fit a trickle vent, grill and canopy to the top frame of your window. You can also fit a night vent fastener handle.
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Cabinet Furniture
What do I need to bear in mind when choosing pull handles?
Overall size is key, make sure it fits the width of your drawer or isn't too small/large for your cupboard door. Also, fixing centres are important as it's the distance between the two fixing points.
Can pull handles be used in only one direction?
No, they can be used vertically or horizontally.
Is it ok to mix and match cupboard furniture?
Yes you can mix pull handles, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to suit.
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Door Closers
When would I need the use of a door closer?
Can be used for fire doors in commercial properties or where doors create a draft when left open and need to be closed automatically.
Can a door closer be adjusted to close slower and faster?
Yes, all of our door closers can be adjusted.
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Nails, Studs & Screws
What type of hand-crafted nail should I be using?
All depends on the job. Rosehead nails are used for plank doors and fixing floorboards whereas the hand-made nails can be both decorative and pratical.
How are the nails sold?
Rosehead are sold by the kilo bag (see product description for amount per kilo) and hand-made nails are all individual.
Can I use rosehead nails externally?
Yes but you will find that they stain the wood.
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Curtain Furniture
Can I join the curtain poles to make them into longer lengths or cut them down to make them shorter?
Yes you can join them using a joining bar and also cut them down to suit.
Will the curtain poles work in a bay window?
No they will not.
How many mounting brackets do I need for my length of curtain pole?
Two will cover all our standard lengths but if you join poles together then an extra bracket would be suggested at the join.
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Locks & Latches
Should I choose a lock or a latch?
Depends on the purpose of the door, if it's external then usually a lock and internal would use a latch but there many exceptions.
What is a latch and which type should I choose?
A latch will hold the door closed and we supply both heavy duty and standard latches to work on unsprung and sprung furniture repectively.
What size of latch or lock should I use?
A 2.5" or 3" latch/lock fitted to a lever handle and alternatively a 3", 4" or 5" latch/lock fitted to a door knob.
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Spares & Accessories
I'm looking for some spare parts for my Anvil products, do you sell them?
Yes we have most parts available as accessories to purchase.
Do you supply extra screws and bolts?
Yes we do. See accessories category for these.
What are the different sorts of spindles and when to use them?
Threaded spindles are for door knobs whereas split spindles are used with lever handles. Taylor's spindles are fixed to a door and allow knobs or levers to be used as pull handles.
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Pendant Lighting
What is the lead time if I order a pendant light?
3-4 weeks as all lights are made to order.
Do the pendents come already wired?
Yes they do.
How much cable comes supplied with the lights and what type is it?
1.5m of black fabric cable.
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Can I return a product if I feel it's not what I actually wanted after all?
Yes you can but you must contact us within 30 days so we can issue you with a returns note.
My product has arrived damaged, what should I do?
Either contact us or get in touch with the retailer you bought from.
If I'm returning a product how do I do it?
You must have a returns form which you send back to us with the products in all of it's original packaging and send it to the address on the form.
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