How to Style Your Shelves

How to Style Your Shelves

Open shelving is a great way to add storage to a room while showcasing all your favourite items. But how can you style your shelves in a way that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing?

We’re here to help you clear the clutter and give your shelving a fresh new look!

One of the most important choices for both the style and structure of your shelving is your brackets. Don’t overlook these key components; you should consider this choice just as much, if not more, than the items you place upon your shelves.


Above: our complete collection of shelf bracket styles.


Firstly, select a finish. If you’re using natural wood shelving, you may want to opt for rich, dark shelf brackets, like Matt Black or Aged Bronze. If you’re using painted timber or marble shelves, you may want to select a warmer material like Polished Brass or Aged Brass. If you prefer a cooler tone, Polished Chrome or Satin Chrome are an attractive alternative and work particularly well in contemporary interiors.


Above: our Satin Brass Barton, Aged Bronze Abingdon, and Satin Chrome Barton shelf brackets.


A great way to make your home feel cohesive is by thinking about the finer details. By this, we mean coordinating elements like your shelf brackets with the ironmongery in your home, such as your door handles, cabinet knobs, and other hardware. By putting thought into these details, you create a sense of intention which instantly elevates your space.

Above: our Aged Bronze Abingdon shelf bracket.


Another thing to consider is the style of your shelf brackets. For minimalism lovers, the Chalfont shelf bracket works well due to its clean lines and angular shape. Pair with our Brompton lever handle or Plain edge pulls to complete the look.



Above: an example of how our Polished Bronze Chalfont shelf brackets can be used in a contemporary interior alongside our Plain edge pulls and Brompton lever on rose handles.



If you have a period property, you may want to opt for a more decorative design like our Tyne shelf bracket, which can be paired with ornate hardware including our Beehive door knobs and Hinton lever handles.


Above: an example of how our Aged Brass Tyne shelf brackets can be used in a classic Period property alongside our Aged Brass Hinton lever euro lock sets and Beehive mortice knob sets.


Once you’ve fitted your shelf and complementary brackets, you’re ready to start styling the contents. Begin by creating a central focal point; place your favourite conversation piece in the middle of your shelf and styling around it. Great examples include large candles, sculptures, artwork, and vases.

Add surrounding elements of varying heights, such as smaller candles, trinkets, books, etc., to create a dynamic effect. Consider using items of the same colour across multiple shelves to tie the look together. In the kitchen, this may include matching bowls, mugs, recipe books or glassware, whereas in the bathroom you may showcase complementary toiletries, reed diffusers, towels, and trinkets.

Above: our Aged Brass Chalfont shelf bracket.


Experiment by stacking books horizontally, overlapping artwork, and incorporating some houseplants for a burst of colour. Try and make use of the space you have as too much empty space can make your shelves look bare, but don’t overdo it or you risk creating clutter. Ensure every piece you use is either functional or beautiful - style with purpose. Why not try choosing pieces that match your shelf brackets? For example, if you use Aged Brass shelf brackets you can incorporate accessories in complementary warm, dark finishes to highlight them.

Above: our Aged Bronze Tyne shelf bracket.


We hope we’ve given you some useful tips for styling your shelves! Find our full range of shelf brackets here.


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