In Conversation with Otters Barn Interiors

In Conversation with Otters Barn Interiors

Tracy, owner of Otters Barn Interiors and her husband built their barn in 2015 and used a selection of our pewter ironmongery throughout; opting for Avon lever handles on external doors, our Round Mortice / Rim Knobs on internal doors, T Hinges, Drawer pulls and our Peardrop window handles. We spoke to Tracy about the creation of her fabulous home.



Q: How did you find the newbuild process?

I loved the process and am keen to do it again! It helped that I had an amazing project manager to assist me! It was a dream to put all my ideas that had been collated over the years in to practice. Prior to the build we renovated an outbuilding next to the barn where many of the products/ ideas were tried and tested (including yours!) We lived in this for 20 months for the duration of the build. I can't think of many cons; we were lucky enough to live on site to keep an eye on progress.


Q: What were your design inspirations?

I'd originally wanted a barn to renovate but couldn't find one. My inspiration was to create an authentic modern-day barn home using natural materials such as oak, slate, timber cladding & limestone. Sustainability was key too; our home is always warm & cosy and incredibly cheap to run!



Q: At what stage of the build did you consider ironmongery?

I'd already decided to use your ironmongery when the outbuilding was renovated. So, before we'd even laid the foundations!


Above left- Pewter Peardrop Espag. Handles, Above right- Pewter Avon Lever on Rose Set Sprung


Q: How did you come across From The Anvil?

It was through an internet search I found an Anvil Stockist. They were incredibly helpful.


Q: Why did you choose From The Anvil products & the Pewter finish in particular?

The quality is outstanding, and styling is perfect for the modern country home. The weight and feel of the products were important too. The pewter works perfectly with chalky white and grey tones used throughout the barn.



"I'm so happy with The Anvil products that I now use them in my interior design projects for clients."



"The quality is outstanding, and styling is perfect for the modern country home."


Above right- Pewter Round Mortice / Rim Knob Set , Above left- Pewter Round Mortice / Rim Knob Set


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