Doors for Barn Conversions

Doors for Barn Conversions

Doors for Barn Conversions

Each barn conversion is unique. Depending on its past purpose and usually the area it inhabits, from renovated stables to old milking parlours and traditional workshops, each barn conversion is an ode to its past. Whether the entrance is a stable door which opens in two halves or the large hay barn entrance, now filled with glass, these entrances offer an insight into times gone.


The Classic Entrance or a Modern Alternative

When we think of traditional barns, natural colours or the unfinished look comes to mind, hung on a canvas of stone, the main entrance to the home of your dreams! Raw materials combine to create a harmonious union between the building and its surroundings. These front doors are predominantly subtle and understated, which ensures it doesn’t detract from the world it inhabits. A simple yet classic handle on a simple door. Traditional on the other hand doesn’t always have to be basic. This traditional style can be achieved through eye-catching door knockers and bold centre doorknobs on old oak-panelled doors. This will give your barn conversion that once seen never forgotten look, your neighbours are sure to be envious.

Pewter Regency Mortice/Rim Knob Set & The Pewter Shakespere Door Knocker pictured above.

A hybrid approach can also be taken when considering the front of your beautiful barn. Simple wooden doors surrounded by glass, ensuring that light moves freely whilst also keeping a sense of inclusivity and privacy for those within. This inside-out approach has grown in popularity and seems to offer the best of both worlds whilst ensuring that neither aesthetic nor practicality is compromised. This approach also works with glazed doors, once again offering light into your home. A look that allows for a variety of ironmongery to be used. Traditional and modern ironmongery are both feasible styles. It all comes down to your taste.

Pewter Avon Lever Euro Lock Set pictured above.

The third option - is complete transparency. The outside and the inside as one, living harmoniously together through a pane of glass. This option is favourable to those living beyond their neighbours in more rural landscapes. A simple pull handle entrance to enter the home; a perfect setting for our T Bar Pull Handles, keeping the modern look alive. Straight lines and reflective surfaces give a sense of grandeur. This look can be finished off with our contemporary letterboxes, which complement aluminium and glass doors perfectly.

Pewter Regency Lever Espag Lock Set, Pewter Slimline Art Deco Door Knocker & Pewter traditional Letterbox pictured on left door. Right door is dressed in our Black Avon Lever Espag Lock set.

A key consideration to your home is the rear door. Usually, the doorway to the view beyond, a step into your secluded piece of nature. A variety of doors are used but two options stand out from the rest. The traditional stable door is ideal for opening the top half in the summer months and allowing the fresh air to roll through your home. Pair these with some of our traditional external beeswax hardware to create a well-rounded traditionally precious aesthetic. Bifold doors can also be effective in bringing the outside in, making the interior and exterior transition seamless and an excellent way of flooding light into your living space.

Black Brompton Slimline Lever Espag Lock Set & Beeswax 6" Straight Door Bolt photographed above.


Internal Door Types & Accompanying Ironmongery

A common theme across rustic barn conversions is the inclusion of traditional ledge and brace doors. These can be seen painted for a more contemporary feel or left untreated for a classic look. A staple of the old, these sturdy doors are commonly dressed in t-hinges and thumb latches. Ironmongery finished in beeswax, black or pewter emphasises the workmanship of the smithy. Each hammer mark, and every blemish on the hardwood panelling adding to the ever-evolving story of your beautiful barn conversion. Take it one step further and add some monkey-tail ironmongery to your home- a practical classic which is sure to stand out and catch the eye of any visitor.

Colours are key when it comes to interiors. Earthy light natural colours such as Farrow & Ball’s borrowed light, strong white and mizzle compliment traditional finishes perfectly. Allowing the natural patina of the forged ironmongery to stand out. For more information on current colour trends, take a look at our blog on Contemporary & Traditional Barn Conversion.

Find our Beeswax Heavy Bean Latch and a selection of you Beeswax products pictured above.

A growing trend among barn conversions is the inclusion of the new, bringing your barn into the modern era with a contemporary twist, such as painted doors accompanied by sleek ironmongery. Try our black Brompton range to add a stylish edge - a concealed lever featuring a textured knurled pattern.  Subtle design considerations like this will not go unnoticed. Small details multiply to create an overall ambience, a feeling of consistency and deliberation through the property. Mixing modern styles and textures such as knurling with traditional materials offers the perfect compromise to the old-new look.

Modern ironmongery such as our contemporary Brompton range can be effectively complimented when combined with colours such as Farrow and Ball’s pitch-black, blackened, pink ground and all white. These colours are sure to give that modern feel. These colours show the versatility of the Brompton when purchased in a modest matt black finish.

Find our Aged Bronze Brompton Lever on Rose Set here.

The importance of light and the need for large open spaces in a barn conversion cannot be stressed enough. Once offering shelter to livestock it seems a shame that the free-flowing barns are now divided by walls creating dark spaces. A solution to this issue is the inclusion of glass. Ensuring that light reaches every crevasse. Perfect, sleek, straight lines complement the old forms of the barn. Reaching an equilibrium between the new and old. With the inclusion of glass, the option of sleek ironmongery arises. T bar handles offer a modern twist, with polished surfaces once again accentuating light. Glass is a valid consideration for any renovation: a clear solution (pun intended).

T Bar Pull handles in our durable stainless steel finish.

Why keep to the conventional? Sliding doors undoubtedly have their place in a barn conversion. Used for centuries in barns, why not keep the tradition alive. When correctly used the sliding door can act as an exciting feature. Shop our sliding door ironmongery to create this look in your barn conversion! A simple forged pull handle combined with our sliding ironmongery set work effectively.

Pictured above we see our Black sliding door hardware accompanied with our Black 8" Bean D Handle.

Whether it’s a sympathetic, rustic, renovation, or a modern twist on an old classic, we offer a range of products to ensure your vision is brought to life. If you would like your journey to be shared and your 'From The Anvil' Ironmongery to be featured please feel free to contact us through the email address below or simply tag us on social media.


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