Kitchen Lighting 2022

Kitchen Lighting 2022

The Kitchen is a room or area where food is prepared and cooked - a space for entertaining, socialising with family and usually the heart of the home, meaning the way we structure and light our kitchen is more important than first envisioned. As a lot of you know, lighting is a fine balance between form and function, and for it to work effectively in your space the location must be considered. There are many ways to light your space - task, feature, and mood to spot lighting and pendants. So whether you're planning a kitchen remodel or researching for an up and coming project, consider this advice before embarking on your kitchen rebirth.



If you live in a home with high ceilings, you may have thought about how to fill the space above your cabinetry and appliances. We would suggest suspending some feature pendants, drawing the eye up into the un-utilised space. This will distort the proportions of your kitchen, giving the illusion of a larger space. We would advise using some reflective metallic shades, enabling the bounce of daylight or artificial light
around the room. Ensure that the pendants you choose are evenly spaced to promote a sense of balance and symmetry in your home; this will act as the focal point in the upper part of the kitchen. That being said, we suggest using feature lights to illuminate certain aspects of your kitchen, perhaps an island. If you decide that this is the best placement for you, ensure that they don't hang too low, to provide adequate clearance between taps, seating and other moving objects. Below is some inspiration that loosely conforms to the 'Interior Trends of 2022' found in the features panel and you can use the below scheme to complement our Hammered Nickel Harborne Pendant, seen in the image. 

Hammered Nickel


Most of us will have rectangular and linear kitchens, parallel cabinetry and 90-degree edges. This can be satisfying in most cases; however, if you're looking to ease the crisp aesthetic of your kitchen - then ditch the angular shapes and opt for some curves. The implementation of a curved pendant accompanied with curved drawer pulls will detract from the sharp lines of your worktops and soften the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Matching your pendants with cabinet furniture will also provide a cohesive and thought-out appearance, if that's the look you're going for. We love the combination of navies, light oak and our very own Hammered Brass Harborne Pendant, seen below.Hammered Brass


Bright colours and brave contrasting schemes have been an early pattern within 2022. Opting for a coloured light fixture will not only bring focus to a specific location but will provide an accent of vibrancy that will elevate the natural schemes of one's home. Pendant lighting is versatile as it comes in such a huge array of looks – from big, bold and metallic to dainty and subtle. However, the overall finish is what draws
the eye in most cases and it will act as a focal point in the room. At 'From The Anvil' we're happy to be able to offer the service of colour matching pendants based on a RAL reference - this means that there are endless possibilities for accenting your space. Although the colour or material choice is an important part of the process. A neutral finish in a vibrant room will have an equally important effect, the composition below shows our Black Full Colour Brindley Pendant teamed up with a vibrant orange and coffee paint and some oak.


Mixing materials, colours and textures have been a predicted theme for kitchen interiors this year. So, don't be afraid to try something out of the ordinary, experiment with raw finishes and create a tactile experience for you and your guests. Bringing texture into your space isn't just for visual effect, it can alter the way you experience the kitchen and the way you interact with elements in a tangible sense. A prominent trend this year will be the implementation of marble, dark mid-century style cabinetry, muted greens and pinks - A balance of light and dark, contrasting textures, hints of muted colour and slight tonal differences. We would recommend choosing a raw finish, preferably polished to complement the mix of colours and support the distribution of light around the room; a softer silhouette will help promote this, such as the Hammered Copper Brindley Pendant. Copper acts as a subtle accent and works well with neutral greens and earth tones which makes it perfect for adding a warm tone into your fresh kitchen. We also sell lots of bare metal finishes such as nickel, brass and our burnished finish. Please see an example of this below:

These are some of the many lighting options that can be implemented within your kitchen, we hope that you are better equipped and inspired to begin your kitchen refurbishment plans. If you would like your 'From The Anvil' Lighting to be featured please feel free to contact us through the email address below or simply tag us on social media.

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