Satin Brass Hardware

Satin Brass Hardware

Our newest finish, Satin Brass, effortlessly combines the charm of traditional brass with the luxury of modern living. Low sheen with warm, golden undertones, this finish offers a stylish alternative to Polished and Aged brass for more contemporary interiors.


How is Satin Brass made?

All our Satin Brass products are forged from solid brass which makes them as durable as they are weighty.

Brass is a non-ferrous metal alloy containing copper and zinc. Because it doesn’t contain iron, this finish will not rust, making it ideal for internal and external applications alike.

Once shaped, the brass is highly polished to create a smooth and reflective surface. During the final stages of production, the product is “brushed” using a satin wheel which creates a lightly patterned surface. Due to the nature of this process, no two products will be exactly alike, giving each their own distinctive appearance.

Satin Brass products are all coated in a clear matt lacquer which helps protect them against tarnishing and maintains their beautiful finish.


Above: our Plain, Regency and Art Deco drawer pulls in our brand new Satin Brass finish.


Styling Satin Brass

One of the defining features of Satin Brass is its ability to instantly brighten a room. With its elegant colour and subtle brushed texture, this finish balances the line between traditional and modern design.

When it comes to pairing Satin Brass, neutral colours act as the perfect backdrop, allowing its signature warm hues to take centre stage. Shades such as crisp whites, soft creams, warm beiges and muted greys create a sense of sophistication which will effortlessly enhance Satin Brass ironmongery.

While neutral tones provide a classic foundation, incorporating contrasting colours can also add visual appeal to your space. Consider pairing Satin Brass with deeper hues like navy blue, charcoal, or even a dramatic black. The juxtaposition between the bright brass and the darker colours creates a striking effect which emphasises its warm glow.


Above: our  Plain, Regency and Art Deco drawer pulls in our brand new Satin Brass finish.


For the finishing touch, introduce textured and patterned materials into your home to harmonise with the simplicity of your Satin Brass hardware and give your space a sense of equilibrium.


Caring for Satin Brass

Although Satin Brass is a relatively low maintenance finish, there are several steps you can take to always keep it looking its best.

Regular cleaning with our Maintenance Wax will help remove dirt, fingerprints and watermarks from the products surface. Apply a small amount to a soft cloth and use it to lightly buff the Satin Brass.

There’s no need to polish Satin Brass thanks to its hardy lacquer. You’ll also want to avoid metal cleaners or any other harsh chemicals on this product as they may start to breakdown the lacquer.


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