Unlaquered Brass

Unlaquered Brass

A Brief Brass History

Brass, a material used for almost five hundred years. Created from the culmination of copper and zinc. Corrosion-resistant and low friction, brass can be used for a range of different applications. From hardware to electrical and ammunition cases. Brass is among one of the most valuable and useful materials we possess.



Our Brass

We offer several eye-catching ranges in our elegant brass finishes. These include popular product lines such as the Hinton, Newbury and Reeded.

We predominantly use a hot forging process in the manufacturing of our solid brass range. This ensures our products are strong and firm to the touch. Made to last generations. The majority of our brass come unlacquered ensuring product longevity. Being unlacquered also allows our brass to be polished time and time again, allowing you to reinvigorate its golden shine. Alternatively, our brass products can be left to age and patina naturally adding character to your home.



Why Brass?

Brass can be diverse in appearance from polished, to aged. All outcomes sport their unique finishes and quirks. In our ‘From The Anvil’ collection we boast several brass finishes, these include Polished, Lacquered, Aged and PVD.

None more popular than our polished range which can be used both internally or externally. We manufacture over one hundred different products in our Polished Brass finish in a variety of styles. From our contemporary ‘Brompton’ to our traditional and classic ‘Monkeytail’ design.

Polished Brass offers both classic and simplistic design, which can be used in both a period dwelling and a contemporary setting. The traditional look of our ‘Period’ range offers a quality ‘new-old’ option. This is contrasted by our contemporary brass ‘Brompton' range, which offers sleek lines and a high shine. When fully polished this finish has a depth of reflection. However, as the product is unlacquered this can also be left to age naturally, which over time will create a beautiful patinated finish.



Styling with Brass

Brass excels when accompanied by simplistic, natural, earthy colours. From greyscale to greens and blues. The eye-catching glisten of the brass adds character and quality to an otherwise plain and basic interior. Its ability to age with its surroundings adds an exciting twist. Brass is undoubtedly the star of the show, whether it's the bold Lion door knocker on the center of your front door, or the perfectly elegant cabinet furniture used to renew a family heirloom. Our From The Anvil brass products work on a plethora of different houses. Perfect for adding the finishing touches to a stately home or giving your new renovation a touch of class.



If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your house with our beautiful brass products take a look at our inspiration page or browse our catalogue of case studies.


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